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Work with Andrea

Turn your professional calling into action

Through a series of strategic conversations and discussions, Andrea will help you clarify and define your professional purpose, focusing on your passions, strengths, skills and experience. As part of this process, she will also put you in contact with selected stakeholders from her broad professional networks, in order to enable you to evaluate the actual potential of your career aspirations and turn them into concrete actions. Through this iterative process, you will work with Andrea on very specific steps and you can expect from her sharp and constructive feedback that will give you a sense of actually getting somewhere.

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Our personalized offers

Taking your career to the next level

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Young professionals

Looking for a first work experience?

Trying to convert your aspirations into a career path?

Looking to start building a professional network?

You have a professional calling that you find difficult to translate into concrete actions?

Transitioning between academia and the world of work?

Looking for an experienced partner to help you think strategically and pragmatically ?

I can help you refine your vision and put it into action !

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Seasoned professionals

Looking to take some time to reflect strategically about your next career move?

Searching for ways to reconnect with professional purpose and passion?

Going through a challenging transition?

Experiencing unemployment or relocation in Switzerland for the first time?

Keen to expand your professional network on the French-Swiss job market?

I can help you reconnect with your professional purpose !

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Aspiring entrepreneurs

Keen to reinvent yourself professionally?

Feeling ready to start a business of your own?

Looking for experienced partners to bounce ideas and come up with a realistic business plan?

Prepared to turn your vision into a strategic and realistic action plan?

Feeling it's time for you to reconnect with a true sense of purpose?

I can help you work on your business plan and turn it into action!

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